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Canada Turns One Hundred and Fifty on
July 1, 2017.

In honour of our 150 year anniversary as a country, the Canada 150 Project will commission 150 Canadian artists from a myriad of disciplines to interpret 150 great Canadian achievements.

Partnering with extraordinary emerging, established and celebrity Canadian artists is a compelling & never been done before way to illustrate our history, celebrate this anniversary milestone, educate our people, inspire & respect our new immigrants and showcase the enormous talent this country has to be proud of.

This collection will be shared with the nation via a cross Canada tour of public spaces allowing Canadians from all corners of the country to celebrate the unique, everlasting impact our country has had on the world.

By using the digital assets of our current world, Canadians at home and abroad along with global citizens will be able to participate and share in this celebration.

It is estimated that Canada has 60% of the world’s lakes, that’s more than all other countries combined.
The Bloody Caesar was invented in Calgary, Alberta by restaurant manager Walter Chell.
The TransCanada Highway, a ribbon of asphalt winding 8000 km from coast to coast, is one of the longest roads in the world.

We are proud to announce the following artists are in support of the Canada One Fifty Project.

Tasman Richardson

Christopher Wahl

Darren Booth

Kelly Mark

Barbara Astman

David Hoffos

Edmund Lam

Peter Chan

Marian Bantjes

Executive Team

Tyler Dias
Professional Profile

A Toronto based art director. Tyler has a passion for both his Country and his craft. He has helped develop brands for many clients in; health care, real estate, legal, entertainment, retail and technology sectors.

Seeing the immense talent within Canada’s art and design community, Tyler see’s an opportunity to develop and showcase Canada’s own brand in memorable lasting way.

Christopher Grimston
Executive Producer
Professional Profile

Christopher is a founding partner and Vice President of Development of Alibi Entertainment. He was also VP Creative and Partner at The Hive Strategic Marketing.

CG has spent more than 25 years in the business producing campaigns for Miller, Molson Ice, Reebok and Jack Daniels and Live Nation

An avid art collector, Christopher has sat on the board for the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art –Toronto and Fashion Cares.

Sebastien Centner
Executive Producer
Professional Profile

A leader in the hospitality and event industries in Canada, Sebastien has also devoted countless hours to charitable and not-for-profit initiatives.

In addition to being an avid art collector and supporter of the arts in Canada, Sebastien brings to this project his experience in concepting, planning and executing large scale national events in Canada, the US and around the globe.

Marcello Cabezas
Curatorial Chair
Professional Profile

Marcello Cabezas is a highly respected culture/experience producer, city builder and marketer. He is the recipient of the prestigious Arnold Edinborough Award for his contribution to national arts & culture development.

Among various media shout outs, The Toronto Star has called him “the show business jack of-all-trades, master of most” while The Grid recently celebrated the arrival of his new culture digest for Toronto. He loves the city he calls home, and hence he has been pegged as “the 416 provocateur.“ He is one of Huffington Post’s featured contributors on arts, media, entertainment & food.

Production Team

Ryan Louis
Founder, Production
Professional Profile

Jennifer McCuaig
Account Manager
Professional Profile